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Wine & Food

Awaken Your Palate
Wine and food are truly two of life’s great pleasures. And, when paired together in perfect balance, they awaken the palate and stir the soul. At Peller Estates, we create our wines for the table – wines with the right balance, intensity, structure and freshness to pair with food. Our winemaker and Chef Jason Parsons work together tasting each wine and creating the perfect dish to pair it with. Wine and food are an experience to be shared, and we invite you to share this experience with us at Peller Estates.

Wine and Food Guidelines
“The perfect pairing should allow both the wine and the food to shine, without one overshadowing the other”Jason Parsons, Executive Chef, Peller Estates. With wine and food pairing, the most important rule is that if you enjoy it, it is right for you. However, there are a few guidelines that we recommend to help enhance your food and wine pairing experience.
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Chef Jason Parsons lets us in on a few of his kitchen secrets and shares some of his creations with us in the featured recipes. Each was written by Chef to complement the wines of Peller Estates. We invite you to create these perfect wine and food pairings at home.  Want more recipes?  Check out our Wine Club.  Members get two inspiring recipes each month, created by Chef just for them.
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