Peller's Mixed Grill Platter

5 sticks cinnamon
8 cloves garlic
7 sticks rosemary
1 whole rack of lamb (cut into 8 chops)
8 rib eye steaks (2 ounce)
8 salmon supreme (2 ounce)
4 chicken breasts (cut in half)
2 whole pork tenderloin (each cut into 4)
2 lamb sausage (each cut into 4)
salt and pepper to taste
Preheat BBQ to 500 degrees fahrenheit. Season the grill by placing cinnamon sticks, stalks of fresh herbs and cloves of garlic directly on the hot grill. Then grill the lamb (rack and sausage), rib eye and salmon to desired level while cooking the chicken and pork through. Season with salt and pepper. Present on a platter and garnish with cinnamon sticks, garlic cloves and stalks of fresh herbs.

8 servings